Stasis in darkness.

Then substanceless blue

Pour of tor and distances.


So starts the poem Ariel by Sylvia Plath. There are many reasons why I called my very first poetry blog after this famous poem when I started it several years ago.

Some will become more apparent in other sections of this website, but for now I shall say that one of the main reasons I called my first blog and this new and improved one after this is simply because I love the poem. I love most poetry, most art, indeed almost anything that allows us to express our emotions with ease.

Sylvia Plath has been influential to my development as a writer, not only in her poetry and her one published novel The Bell Jar, but also in researching her personal life and coming to understand why so much of her poetry resonated with me the way it did.

I started blogging several years ago, as I mentioned, and back then it was just a simple blog to display my unrevised, spontaneous poetry. I started up another blog, one looking at mental health in the world and another to document one of my other great loves; travel.

The purpose of this site is to bring all of these separate entities together into one website (which will hopefully be more easy to manage!)

So I hope you enjoy browsing through the different sections of this site.